3 Day Walk to End Breast Cancer


Have you completed the three day breast cancer walk?  Want to show the world?  Get these cool 60 mile stickers and put them on your car, or fridge, your trapper keeper, where ever!

Having done the 3 day breast cancer walk many times, we know:

  • -how difficult it is to fund-raise
  • -How much training it takes, and the work it takes to finish the 3 day breast cancer walk.

So we created these stickers to let people show off their accomplishment to the world.  A portion of all sales is donated back randomly to walkers who have registered for an upcoming event, to help them in their fundraising efforts.

Thank you for doing the 3 day breast cancer walk.

Get your Stickers Now!

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We Give Back

We Give Back

A portion of all sales proceeds go to help walkers reach their donation goals.

See the Action!

Check out news, pictures and updates from 3 day cancer walks from around the country.